The Ruroc Problem

Ruroc has recently whipped themselves into a frenzy doing damage control trying to prove that their helmets…well…don’t suck. Look, I don’t own a Ruroc helmet, so I can’t comment first hand on their helmets. Nor do I plan on ever owning one, because I think they suck. I mean, if all it takes is a…

Bikes and Coffee November 2019

November presented us with clear skies, sunny days, and warm weather, even by Texas standards. It’s hard to beat a crisp fall morning ride followed by a hot cup of coffee.

Bikes and Coffee December 2019

Winter is barely really a thing here in Texas, so (mostly) pleasant temperatures and clear skies are typical in December. We get a nice long riding season that never really ends.

Bikes and Coffee October 2019

Falling temps through October make a hot cup of coffee on a Sunday morning all the more appealing. The Denton crowd never fails to turn out with great people, outstanding motorcycles, and good times.

Bikes and Coffee September 2019

Summer in Texas is in full force well into September, and while riders in Texas don’t shy away from the heat, the cooler mornings are certainly preferable, and make for a great showing at West Oak for Sunday morning coffee.