Roland Sands Design Jagger (Gunmetal) Jacket Review

What qualities make for a good motorcycle jacket? Is it the abrasion resistance? Protective armor? Waterproofness? Cooling ventilation? Durable long-lasting build quality? Premium styling? What if I told you that there’s a single jacket that offers it all? Would you believe it? Well, the RSD Jagger is that jacket, and handily delivers on all those…

10 Motorcycle Accessories I Can’t Live Without

Can’t live without? That seems a bit over-the-top, but “would rather have than not have” just doesn’t have that sort of ring to it. Idiomatic trivialities aside, these are things that I find absolutely indispensable, and certainly wouldn’t give up without a fight. So here we are, the ten motorcycle accessories I can’t live without….

Winter Gear Essentials

Ah, the crisp chill of winter. For some motorcyclists, that means it’s time to pack it in for the year, and wait for things to thaw, usually in March or so. For the hardcore, the dedicated, or the slightly stupid (I’m easily all three), it means it’s time to enjoy some brisk rides. Windchill ain’t…

Bikes and Coffee May 2019

Summer got off to a great start, with temps and the turnout on The Square both on the rise through May. Of course, to enjoy the perfect weather, I also squeezed in a few rides with some friends.

Cinco de Moto 2019

The crews from the Denton Independent Motorcycle Show and Denton Moto Collective threw down with a Cinco de Moto fiesta on May 5th 2019. It was a veritable sea of cool bikes, great people, and good times.

Denton Bikes & Coffee April 2019

With temperatures on the rise, and the sun making its presence known with greater frequency, the turnout at bikes & coffee at West Oak steadily increased through April. The way the riders in Denton fill the Square here can be a sight to behold.

Denton Bikes and Coffee December 2018

Chilly December temps and the impending holidays did not deter many of the regulars, as well as some new faces, from showing up for a hot cup of joe.

Denton Bikes and Coffee November 2018

Increasingly cooler temps may have found their way to Texas in November, but regulars and new faces alike continued to make their way to the Denton Square to warm up with a nice coffee (and despite the cooler weather, sometimes an ice coffee) from West Oak.

Denton Bikes and Coffee October 2018

The weather may have been cooling down (a bit–it’s Texas after all), but that certainly didn’t stop riders from near and far from coming out to West Oak Coffee Bar to get their Sunday morning hit of caffeine.