Street & Steel Moto Leggings Review

The Street & Steel Moto Leggings are very similar to both the Alpinestars Banshee and Iria leggings. At first glance, you likely wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two. Honestly, the rise is the only noticeable one.

While I had at first thought I loved both the Alpinestars Bansee and Iria leggings, I soon realized that they were too low in the rise (I have a long torso) and cause me to look and feel like an overstuffed sausage (the rise being the culprit).

As a result, while they worked fine for riding, I wouldn’t dare wear them off the bike unless covered with a jacket. So, once again, the hunt began.

As usual, finding something that fit was an exasperating experience of one pair of pants being too big in the waist in one size, but too small in the next size down. Then even when the waist fits, they might be too long, or just have weird proportions.

Luckily, the Street & Steel Moto Leggings hit that sweet spot pretty well. Now, that’s not to say that the fit is perfect. I could still do with an additional inch of rise, but that’s just my strange torso, I suppose. The inseam is also bit on the short side, but no so much to be a problem. I’ll compromise.

They include some good knee armor, but I immediately removed it. Even if it’s flexible and comfortable, I just can’t bear to walk around with armor on my knees.


  • Stretchy, comfortable legging-like riding pants.
  • The wide, elastic waist band is high waisted, which is nice when in riding position. It’s comfortable and stretchy, and isn’t tight and restrictive.
  • They’re a good mid-season pant. Pretty breathable, and the knit lining keeps my legs from freezing on cool mornings.
  • Can take a hit from a bug or rock with little more than a sting.


  • The knit lining gets hot in the summer.
  • Not quite thick enough for cold weather.
  • The inseam is a bit short. While I love this when standing (a 31” inseam fits me perfect), my ankles get a bit exposed when wearing my Jezebel Moto Shoes.
  • They soak up water like a sponge if you get caught in the rain.

Overall, they’re a great pick for a legging-style riding pant. I’d still love to find a style that resembles jeans, but for comfort and long rides, these are pretty solid.

Final Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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